If you’re considering an internship, the chances are you’ve landed on this article

because you want to do as much research into it as possible. After all, this could be your chance to open doors into a career you never knew you wanted to pursue. In

fact, for those of you who are confused about which career path to take, becoming an intern could be the way you find out what you don’t want to do!

The trouble is knowing what the good and the bad sides are. Some internships pay, others don’t. It all depends in what field you would like to “study”. Below are some

of the pros and cons which will hopefully help you out with a decision.

Get to Know the Workplace

If being in a workplace is something you’ve never experienced, this is a great way to find out what it’s like. There are zillions of different of internships, but most

of them tend to be in the white-collar sector. Don’t be put off though if you’re thinking about taking up a more practical career such as hairdressing.

In this case you could sign up with say, an accounting firm. This will give you some idea of what it’s like to work in an office as well as allow you to learn how to

develop professional relationships with people. Not only that, you’ll learn the basics of accounting, so when it’s time to start your own business, you’ve got a head


For the Graduates

These days, it’s not easy finding a steady job. Security isn’t what it once was, and employers know this. It doesn’t matter what type of degree you have; potential

employers will probably want to know you already have some experience in the workplace. For that reason, graduates should consider an internship as well.

Some of the perks to this are that if you have key skills pertinent to the

internship you want to go with, responsibility is something you’ll get more or less straight away. In other words, you get thrown in at the deep end. The positive

to this is you’ll get to practice the skills you’ve learnt in the classroom, and it’s a really good way of learning how to think on your feet.

Jazz Up Your Resume

When your starting out in the world of full-time work, it can be hard to produce a resume that’s informative enough to convince the employer you’re worth a shot.

When you take up an internship, it will give you the chance to show-off what you’ve done, and it will make employers realize you’re serious about getting on in your

chosen career. If you’re lucky enough to get into a program with a large company, you’ll likely work in various departments, which can only be good for your resume.

You’re Just an Intern

As with the pros (of which there are many), there will always be a negative side to an internship. Because you can become an intern at any age, it might be a bit

difficult to get people to treat you as an equal. Some people will look at you as nothing more than a student, and that can suck if you’re a little older than the guys

and gals you work with.

At the very least, pay good attention to your appearance and make sure that you always look good. If you just reviewed Braun’s latest top model then by all means go get that razor, but there’s no need to go overboard here actually. Just shave yourself daily and

you’ll be good to go.
And for the ladies – do apply some basic cosmetics, but similarly, don’t go overboard here.

That said, the label “intern” can be a hard one to swallow especially when speaking to people you don’t work with on a regular basis. So, be prepared for no replies to

emails or phone messages, and if you do get a reply the manager is copied in. This downside can be really hard to get over, but the rewards in the end will be yours,

so just bear that in mind.

Never Give-Up

The cons surrounding internships are there as I’ve demonstrated above, but if you take a positive approach and remember that it’s not forever, it’ll be over before you

know it. Some tips I have for success are not to advertise the fact you’re an intern (if you can help it), and if you think you’re not being treated fairly, tell

someone! If this really worries you, take an internship where other people are in the same boat.