Internships serve as the perfect acid test in the world of employment, a way to get college credits, or to actually serve as the beginning of what you should aim to be a long and successful career. Even if your stint is just for a few months, it is the moment you should strive to be the best intern you can be; fortunately we know what it takes. Check out our 10 tips to make your internship a complete and resounding success.

1. Never Skip Breakfast

You know how your elders keep reminding you to never skip breakfast? Well, it’s true; you can’t start the day right without having some combination of carbs, fruit, protein, and dairy. If you’re genuinely pressed for time, consider prepping a quick, high-energy breakfast with an assortment of breakfast smoothies ahead of time. With the proliferation of blenders out there, we’re sure you’ll be able to find one. Check out the reviews at Blender Friend for some ideas.

2. Be Nice

Be polite and well-mannered with everyone you encounter, and refrain from gossiping; you’ll be surprised at how it pays off to be nice to everyone at work. That person your colleagues might be gossiping about all day could be the next boss who could help you go up the ladder of corporate success.

3. Be Orderly

Contribute to making your office a great place to work – behave as though your mother was watching you.

4. Get as Much Feedback as You Can

Always seek to gain as much feedback as you can; this will teach you how to handle criticism and/or praise in a mature manner, which always is a plus for any prospective employers. Be humble, and keep your head straight.

5. Ask Questions

Asking questions is a good indicator of your interest in what you’re doing to your employers; this is also a great way for you to learn more about the company, and what you could do to help the organization achieve its goals.

6. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Sometimes, there are things that our jobs require that we wouldn’t necessarily enjoy doing. Nonetheless, do your best; see it as a way to build character and as a way to prove your worth to the company. Oftentimes, doing unpleasant work is a test to see your dedication to the company, and is a springboard for you to bigger and better things.

7. Be Proactive

WheneveInternships server you have great ideas for the company you work in, such as managing their social media presence (you’ll be surprised at how many companies lack one), or finding a way to cut costs and dead time, share them. Good management appreciates positive, proactive feedback and will always listen to a good idea.

8. Don’t Be Overzealous

At the same time, there is a way to be proactive without being overzealous. Keep cool, composed, and fully focused on your job, and not to do tricks for your boss, do excessive networking, or grovel for a permanent position 3 hours into your job. Be proactive without stepping on anyone or ruffling any feathers, as it may just come back to haunt you. Well, unless of course you were hired to solve problems.

9. Be On Time

Never be late for work or for meetings; this automatically will give a bad impression of how much you value your job. Be honest with deadlines; if a deadline is unworkable, say so; your manager will understand and appreciate your honesty, and likely ask someone to assist you.

10. Don’t Forget to Socialize

Work-life balance is something that most organizations strive for these days; make sure to socialize with your colleagues, participate in team-building initiatives, and get to know them better; you can’t expect them to reach out to you all the time.