Internship Hunting

To have a successful career, you have to make smart and sound decisions even if you are still in college, applying for internships. If you are one of these young yet ambitious go-getters in life, the tips enumerated below should be able to help you land that internship you have been dreaming for so long:

1. Work on your resume.

Creating a good quality resume is crucial in landing your dream internship. It should contain all necessary and relevant information on your background and experiences that your potential bosses are looking for in a perfect candidate. To know how to make a great resume, you can search the internet for samples and check if yours possess the right contents that will make companies want to hire you. Double-check and triple-check the entire document for spelling and grammatical errors to spot mistakes you missed the first time. A clean, informative, and error-free resume conveys that you only strive for perfection.

2. Send your application on time.

When looking for places to intern, you should take note of their application periods. All of your work will only amount to nothing if you missed sending your application within the given time period. You might have to wait for another year to be able to try again, or you might end up applying to other internships that you do not really have a lot of interest in.

3. Prepare for the interview.

If you have been contacted to come in for an interview, you should do your best to prepare yourself to be presentable for the meeting. Remember the date of interview, time of interview, place of interview, and interviewer name. On the day of the interview, wake up at least a couple of hours before the scheduled meeting to give yourself enough time to prepare. Make some toast or use a bread machine instead to prepare your favorite breakfast sandwich. Then, take a shower and get dressed. Wear a clean and nice office outfit. Avoid putting too much makeup on or wearing lots of jewelry. Check your bag if you have packed some snacks, your smartphone or laptops, notes, IDs, money, and other things that you will need for the interview.

4. Be confident.

Take a deep breath, and try your very best to hide how nervous you are. Offer a firm handshake once you meet the interviewer. Sit straight. Smile. Make eye contact. It is okay to take a brief pause to have good and coherent answers to the interviewer’s questions. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Thank them once the meeting is done.