You have spent the past few months applying and researching for the best gap year internship, and you have successfully determined that internship abroad is the best option for you. For those people who applied for an NGO internship, an internship in Africa just might be the most rewarding experience of your life. Here, you will learn and know the 5 travel tips for internships abroad.

1. Get That Passport Ready

If you do not possess a passport, you should apply for one as soon as possible. For obvious reasons, you cannot travel across borders without a proper passport or declaration of citizenship. If you already have a passport, make sure that it remains valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your anticipated return.

2. Have Your Visa Situation All Sorted Out

If required, be sure to collect the documents necessary for a VISA, if the country you’re visiting requires you to present one for entry into the country. If a VISA is required, you ought to apply for and obtain one. You may need other entry documents too, such as program acceptance letters, immunization records, financial statements and other such documents. It wouldn’t hurt to bring a few extra passport sized photos too.

3. Plan Your Accommodations and Transportation Accordingly

If you are planning to look for a interneship abroad or at a longer distance from your current home that requires traveling any meaningful distance, there is a good chance you’ve already made arrangements for your flight. As required, please ensure that you’ve obtained the necessary airline tickets, rail passes, hostel cards and many more. Without them you will have a rather difficult time trying to get where you are going.

4. Have Copies of All Your Documentation

You should make sure that you have multiple copies of your passport and itinerary. Provide your family and loved ones with a copy of your travel itinerary for peace of mind. Be sure to keep a copy for your own records and make sure that they are kept separate from the originals in case you run into trouble while traveling abroad.

5. Get Checked

It would also make sense to visit your dentist and doctor in advance of your departure on your international internships. From a travel planning perspective, it is important that your prescriptions are in order and that you are in optimal health before you embark on your journey. You may also want to take some time to learn more about the public health challenges in your destination city or country and be sure that your health insurance plan is sufficient to your needs before you depart. Furthermore, if you are traveling with a child, it would be convenient to also have him checked and vaccinated, and prepare for necessities like a diaper bag and a backpack in one.

In addition to reviewing international SOS procedures and services, you should consider registering with the travel office at your university. It is also highly recommended that you register with the Consulate in your destination country or Embassy. You might also consider arranging for power of attorney in the off-chance that something happens to you while you are abroad. Be sure to set up a communication schedule with your loved ones and family before you leave. In this way, they can be sure that you are safe and sound while traveling.