Are you nervous about your upcoming internship? Depending on the type or culture of your workplace, you have to dress and act appropriately so as to avoid committing blunders or making a fool of yourself on your first day. Below are some tips that can help you survive:

1. Do some research on the company.

You cannot just walk in there and have no clue on the company that you will be working for in the next months. Do your homework and read as much as you can about the organization — its history, background, previous projects, recognitions, and so on. Memorize the names of the most important people. If you can, find out who you will be working under or with. Doing all of these will show that you care and are ready.

2. Prepare the things that you will bring.

Bring a brief case or bag where you can keep some necessities. A pen is always a good thing to have ready. Having a notebook or notepad is also a plus. A pack of mint or gum can help keep your breath fresh throughout the day. A snack, such as a bar of chocolate or a small bag of crackers, can give you some boost after hours of working. Finally, make sure that your internship documents and your IDs are also with you.

3. Choose your outfit.

straight hairDifferent companies have different dress codes. Therefore, you should include in your research what outfit is appropriate for your workplace. Usually, in corporate settings, men and women are required to dress conservatively: clean and ironed shirts and slacks or skirts. Wearing too many jewelry pieces is a no-no. Thick layers of makeup and outrageous hairstyles are frowned upon. For those who need help with their hair, use a top-rated flat iron to transform your fuzzy hair into a perfectly straight haircut. Having a tidy and professional appearance will play a big role in where your career with the company will head to in the future.

4. Keep your phone away.

If you are used to checking your phone every few seconds or so, that will change once you start your internship. You can no longer log in to your social media accounts any time you want just to see how many likes your most recent post have gotten so far. You have to change your habits and realize that you have to focus your time in the office to the tasks assigned to you by your supervisor. In addition, put your phone on silent or vibrate mode to avoid distracting your co-workers.